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Information about problems and faults on the car model Citroen C3

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Owners review on Citroen C3!

Editors comment:
You should realise that for every disappointed customer there might be many who are satisfied with their Citroen C3. The review below might however give you clues about what might be worth looking into. Giving that kind of information is the main purpouse with this website.

Bad Points?
Where do i start?

Intermittent beeps with no warning signs - Beeps to show there is a fault with the car, no warning light. Very distracting whilst driving
Both rear manual windows fall down - Windows fall down over a period of time; need to be secured at the end of every journey. Rain comes in.

Engine cuts out whilst driving - So dangerous. Total loss of power to the engine; have to pull over as safely as possible.

Boot jams – no way to open it. Re-occurring problem, no way to open the boot even after re-setting the car. No space for my dog, ruined interior.

Black bits and trims fall off - Cover’s for bolts, plastic and rubber bits fall off the interior of the car. Cheap and tacky

Central locking doesn’t work - Has never worked – although I was unaware of this and left the car unlocked several times

Driver window stuck half way down - A one off problem, that prevented window opening

Display fails to show, mph and radio - Intermittent problem, cannot see time, radio or MPH.

Also did you know that if you open your car with manually, rather than using the central remote, - You asking for trouble, try this - ANOTHER DESIGN FALUT. Once you are inside the car after opening the driver door with the key - start your engine, the car will click as if to relase all locks. If you then get out of your car and shut the door ( I suggest you open the window though) the car will lock all doors - with you outside and the engine still running. I was reversing my car out of the garage, opened the car in this way got out to lock the garage up - and was lockied out of my car. I complained to citroen and was told "your not supposed to get out of the car if the engine is still running" what a joke!!!!

General Comments

I'm so sick of the excuses given from the dealers, i heard eveything. They have told me they cannot fix any problems with the Citroen C3 family car as they have not witnessed it for themselves. They say that the car uses new technology and it’s a computer fault.
Most of my problems are still unsolved. The garages are very good at sweet talking customers and try to make you feel inferior or like you are complaining for no reason. They give excuses that are not acceptable and quite frankly are totally ridiculous! The same excuse for every problem is that they don’t understand the new technology and as quoted from a recent TV documentary brassed off about Britain.
“The dealership admitted that they didn't know what was causing the problems, and couldn't say for sure if they could be fixed”

They say this is due to the way the car is manufactured and that unless the computer can pick up a fault with the car there is nothing they can do about it? What happened to good old mechanics? All these problems are happening and cannot be resolved because of faults on the cars memory and functions. The dealers cannot detect these problems and therefore do not know what to fix. It is totally unfair that this can be given as a valid excuse; can Citroen be allowed to manufacture and market a product they do not understand?

My car has been off the road for several days and is constantly in and out of the garage – yet but none of my problems have been fixed.
I’ve spent hours on the phone costing me more money in phone bills and to make it worse I have to pay for a courtesy car each time I need to use it. The car has been a total joke since the day I bought it, with more and more problems and faults occurring each day. The car has been serviced and at the moment all work carried out on the car is done for free. But when the warranty runs out – I’m going to be left paying for all these costs, and I dread to think what problems I will encounter in three years time if this is what I’ve had to put up with so far. I’ve done my research and found out that it’s not only me suffering from these problems – there are hundreds of unsatisfied customers out there.

I’m now in the process of rejecting the car on the ground of ‘sale of goods act 1979’ but Citroen are making this very difficult. I’m not sure what their next excuse will be, but I do know that The Sale of Goods Acts lay down several conditions that all goods sold by a trader must meet. The goods must be:

  • • of satisfactory quality
  • • as described
  • • fit for purpose

The car that I have in my possession is none of the above and the law states that “If something you buy from a trader does not meet these conditions, you are entitled to a full refund if you return the goods soon after purchase. Otherwise you are first and foremost entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced” I know there is more that the garage can do to help me.
I'm now on a mission to gain back some respect for all of us that feel robbed of our money. If enough of us make a stand they will have to listen, please please

Help me help you!!!


Problem ??

Problem ??

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