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Problem information Citroen C5    

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Information about problems and faults on the car model Citroen C5

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Important! Brakeproblem, backbrakes C5!

Citroen C5 has problems with the brakes on the back wheels. The brake blocks are sucessively tightening due to corrosion problems. The car will because of this take slightly more petrol for each mile as time passes. This is happening already in the first years of use and when the brake blocks are worn out and you need to switch them there might be a severe problem to do this without getting heavy troubles with the tightness mentioned. To change the blocks properly is almost impossible to do yourself since you have to remove the holder of the blocks and clean it and make it corrosion free and you have to know how to clean the parts properly. It is in some cases not at all certain that you can visibly see whats wrong. Because of this the blockswitch is something that almost in every case must be done by a Citroen garage if you dont get very precise information by asking the manufacturer or one of their representatives. If you do the work yourself or let an ordinary, non Citroen garage do the work you will not know of this problem and the brakes will not work properly after the change of blocks although everything might look ok during and after the repair. The corrosion problem will still be there, almost impossible to discover and the brakes will be tight and not working properly after the change. The tightness can be severe and as a result of this the brakes might get over heated and damaged and your car might take maybe .2-.3l more petrol per 10 km. The function of the brakes might in the long run be affected and your new brake blocks will be worn out in a very short time
A Citroen garage can switch the brake blocks and do the work of restoring the function since they know of this problem and also exactly how to fix it. The cost will however be high for this since they have to take the system apart and clean it by grinding it.
The mentioned problem has been confirmed by several representatives working with Citroen cars and in spite of their knowledge the Citroen manufacturer has choosen not to do anything about this. As a result of this you will have the same problem repeating itself since the corrosion will always appear and grow in the system even after it has been properly cleaned and repaired and seems to be working properly . There is reason to warn the buyer or car owner for this problem. It is not easily handled and the cost is high for reparation and fo extra petrol. Since there are no replacement parts available you can not permanently get rid of the problem

There are in some cases additional corrosion problems on the back brakes of C5 which sometimes are so severe that you have to switch the block holder because it gets very damaged and the pin that holds the brake blocks threatens not to stay in place. These problems are easily spotted and very obvoius. In this case Citroen has chosen to prolong the warranty. However as said above they dont provide replacement parts that are of a better quality and because of this the prolonged warranty is a kind of trap since you will have problems returning and when the car is older you will have to pay for this yourself.
We strongly urge Citroen C5 buyers and C5 owners to demand that the Citroen manufacturer does something about this problem.


Problem back window

There are two problems with the back window on C5 that has been reported. Both are confirmed by personel working with Citroen. One problem is that the heating "lines" on the back window tend to be unreliable and partly stop functioning. The other problem is more serious and concerns the kombi model only. The back window on this model is possible to open separately and the lock has been reported to malfunction. This problem seems to be rather frequent and the manufacturer has a prolonged warranty up to 4 years for this. The problem may appear although the window has never been opened by the owner and if the car is older than 4 years you have to pay for this yourself.
Apart from the mentioned fault there seem to be possibel additional problems with this lock malfunctioning. In some cases the function of the computer system might eventually be affected when the lock problem appears and this might lead to additional problems with other functions and if you are unlucky even with the computer itself.

Problem with ignition spoles

Ignition spoles tend to malfunction on C5. This can happen already after a short time and in some cases all spoles have had to be replaced already in the first years(there is one for each cylinder). We have no report saying the manufacturer has changed the spoles to newer and better ones.

Problem Lamp bulbs on headlight

The front lamps on C5 seem to be worn out rather often. This concerns mainly the bulbs for the dipped headlights. In some cases they have had to be replaced 5-6 times on each side in year or even more. The cost for this is not neglectable, especially if you leave the car to a garage to replace them. On the left side it is not so easy to do this by yourself since you have to remove the battery to do it. Removing the battery without having a backup one in place might lead to the computer losing it's calibration This in turn might lead to misleading information. For instance might the report on petrol filling get out of order.
There are also reports saying there is a slight possiblity that the function of the computer might be damaged permanently if the battery cable is removed often or for very long periods. If that is true this could really be serious and expensive.

Lamps on the back number sign.

The lamps illuminating the back number sign has a tendensy to be overheated when they brake and damage the holder. If this happens they are not easy to replace since the holder must be replaced as well.

Problem rims (early models)

Cracks have been reported in the rims of the early models of C5. Replacement rims are offered for free by the manufacturer. It might be nessecary to leave the car for a whole day to fix this.

Problem temperatur sensor

There are reports saying that the temperatur sensor for outer temperature meassurement sitting on the right rear view mirror might in some cases stop functioning already after a couple of years. It is not at all clear if this is a common problem. The cost for a replacement is not neglectable. The problem is not serious unless the temperature is around freezing point.

Problem with meassure points for the climate system

Meassure points the inner temperature for the climate system are few and not well placed. As a result of this it is difficult to get the climate system to work properly. Coling and heating function might continue in spite of the air in the front seat reaching the desired temperature. It might in some circumstances be easier to get the right temperature by putting off the system off.

Problem, distans key lock

The locking buttons on the key are extremely easy to trigger off by misstake. It can easily happen when you put the key in your pocket and as a result the doors might unlock. The risk with this is small since the lock will lock itself automatically in a short while if you dont open any door. If you however are going into a shop and this happens while you are leaving the caar someone with a quick and dishonest mind might notice and then you can loose property or eventually the whole car.

Problem rewinding of safetybelt

There are reports saying that the rewinding of the safetybelt is very slow and even not functioning. This concerns mostly the driver seat belt because it is most frequently used. If you dont notice this you might damage the belt or even the door lock when shutting the door with the belt stuck in the opening.

Problem with plastic details

Bad finish and functioning of plastic details seems to be a not neglectible problem with C5. This is something that concerns most modern cars. The tendensy to replace metal with plastic is in some cases very negative for the car owners since plastic is a lot more easily damaged in most cases. Even "small" damages can be costly because of this.

Problem fuse box

The fuse box inside the kupé is very difficult to locate. An "ordinary" car owner might have a lot of trouble because of this. The box is placed behind and under the little storage box to the left of the driver seat. The instruction book gives very poor information and when you need to acutely change fuses for the first time there is a risk that you simply wont be able to do it because you dont find the fuse box. The problem is very foolish and unnessecary and the manufacturer really has reason to be embarrased about this.

Problem with electrical system on C5

The electrical system on Citroen C5 is partly computerised. This cuoses a lot of trouble and is unnessecary in most functions. This is not a specific problem only for Citroen cars but that is no excuse when trouble arises as a result of the complex and owner unfriendly construction.
Different things might happen. Most common is misinformation concerning one function or another. If something happens in one function that is not obvious like for instance a draining of the battery because of a shortcut somewhere it is almost impossible to detect by ordinary means and you have to leave the car to a Citroen garage which will cost you. Even if you should be able to locate the problem it might be impossible to fix for the same reason.
There are reports saying that there can be problems inside the computerised system itself. This is of course impossible to do something about without contacting your citroen garage. The energy saving function can for instance lead to the opposite if it stops functioning and lets the system be continuosly charged although it should turn itself of. This will drain your battery in a very short time.

Another problem is that as mentioned above the battery needs to be disconnected when replacing the left headlight lamps. The computer might get to malfunction as a result of the disconnection and in rare cases the computer itself might eventually be harmed.

Problem with air turbulens, back window, C5 kombi

The kombimodel of C5 has very heavy turbulens in the back of the car. This will make the back window very dirty very quickly. The cleaning function is not very good and takes a lot of washing fluid which is troublesome as well as costly. The effect of the turbulens on petrol consumption is not known but it can possibly not be totally neglectible.

Problem lamp in storage box.

Problem has been reported saying there can be a malfunctioning of the contact switch for the lamp in the storage box. When happening this will drain the battery in a short time. The problem is small, but if happening when you are away on vacation or similar the car might be standing for a long time without electricity. This might harm the calibration of the computer or in some cases even harm the computer itself.

Problem computer

The computer on Citroen C5 seems not quite ok. It is not easily reprogrammable and even small faults or problems might be harmful or difficult to correct. There should be an easily handled restore function available. The computer is expensive to replace.

Problem with front seats

The front seats are rather easy to lower or highten. However the lever doing this is of poor construction and will in many cases not last long.

Problem antenna

The antenna on C5 is heavily affected by corrosion. This will show itself in a short period of time. When you need to remove the antenna to be able to wasch your car it might be stuck, really stuck. Perhaps it will be impossible to remove at all without special treatment wnd tools. A small-BIG problem!

Unconfirmed rumour about Mercedes floor carpets in C5

This sounds so unlikely that it must be considered a rumour in it's true sence. At least until it has been confirmed.
The rumour says that some Citroen C5 has been delivered with Mercedes floor carpets. If they fit well this is a small problem. However our source says that they don't fit well. The carpet on the driver seat where the pedals are has in some cases made the gas pedal stay stuck when in full gas. If this is true it is of course very dangerous and you should therefore check what kind of floor carpets you have in your car.

Here is some information sent from C5 owner in UK

The 2.0 hdi C5s can judder at 50-55mph, holding the clutch down the vehicle does not judder. There is no known diagnostic check to identify the fault, replacement clutch or gearbox is usually suggested but old parts are used in these replacements so the problem is still there.

Several problems reported from C5 owner (Oktober 2007)

Bought the car C5 2.0I in January 2002. Major problems and subsequent expensive repairs after 5 years of use make it a car very difficult to maintain and have low resale value. The problems I encountered with this car are:

  • Sticky dash board and plastic parts – it does not look to be a tropicalised model. Experienced sticky surface and browning of plastic parts on dash board and glove cover and door handles.
  • Hydraulic suspension oil leak – Had the pipe repaired not less than 3 times so far.
  • The cushion foam in the driver seat cracked after 1 year of use. Tried to claim it from the dealer and failed, saying that it was not under warranty.
  • Fuel tank expanded and caused the rim cover to break off. The result is the dangerous fuel leak if the tank is more than half-filled. The new rim cover could not be screwed onto it due to enlarged rim diameter. New fuel tank had to be fitted, together with the new pump since the plastic part was also cracked. Repair cost: US$500. This is the first time I ever changed the car fuel tank. I have used other cars before but never ever had the notion that fuel tank needs to be replaced!
  • The plastic dust cover of automatic gearbox cracked and broke on the 3rd year of use. There is no simple replacement of the cover. The gearbox assembly came in complete module and cost at least US$200.
  • Reverse gear spoilt – The plastic component in the gear box broke and so could not start the engine. It happened about 6 months ago in an afternoon. Repair mechanic could only come in the evening, i.e. 4 hours later. Luckily he had the spare part and knew how to repair it quickly. Otherwise I would have to leave the car there and had to keep vigil until morning, since the place there was known to be not quite safe in the still of the night. I could have lost all the 4 tyres and had the car windows broken.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) fault – It happened only last week and has to be replaced. The cost: US$1100.
  • Left Armrest in the passenger seat is out of place and cannot fold down properly – According to the mechanic, the repair cost would be about US$120.
  • The left foglamp and sidelamp blew quite fast lately – Electrical fault is suspended. But since the bulb is not really expensive (ca. $1.50 per pc), so can relatively tolerate this problem (until the big issue blows up).
  • The coil malfunctioned and fuel distribution was affected. The mechanic had to help me to find used spare to cut down repair cost.
  • The left rear view mirror points upwards instead of downwards when reverse gear is engaged rendering it useless to serve its purpose. There is no way to adjust it downwards there and then unless you have set the control in the neutral position in the first place to make sure you get the clear view first. Clearly a case of electrical fault.

With so much problems that exist in the car, I strongly feel that I would not buy another Citroen car or even recommend it to friends or relatives.

Problem with blutoothfunction?

I am a happy owner of a C5 of 2006. My Nokia N73 GSM phone basically works, but functions for phone book etc. do not work.

Problem gearbox/transmission

Here is some information sent from C5 owner in UK The 2.0 hdi C5s can judder at 50-55mph, holding the clutch down the vehicle does not judder. There is no known diagnostic check to identify the fault, replacement clutch or gearbox is usually suggested but old parts are used in these replacements so the problem is still there.

Problem with exhaust system

Information sent from C5 owner
I have had this car for 5 years, and needed to change the central exhaust section (pipe only) Citroen would only do a half-system, cost £1,458.Their parts book does have the pipe only cost ca £55, but when ordered, it does not fit! The car is only worth about £1,500 on the market, but to me much much more! How stupid is that!!!

Comment: There are many reports about similar problems from different C5 owners. Citroen should do something about the spare part situation


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