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Samtalspartner is a small net work based company in Uppsala, Sweden. We provide gestalt therapy, coaching, nlp, management consulting and staff counselling. Apart from that we also provide recreation and conferences mainly on Iceland. Fishing and riding experiences are among our specialities when it comes to recreation. Conferences can be provided in most topics due to request.

As a kind of personal hobby for the owner we also provide web services with web hotel and web domains to prices that are very low. We cooperate with one of the biggest actors in the united States and all service is of top quality.

About the owner        


Hallo! My name is Per-Otto Sylwan and I live i Uppsala just north from Stockholm, Sweden. I have been working as a gestalt therapist for 25 years. My business is helping people and making people feel good about themselves and their lives. 

My background and education is broad, with degrees ín evolutionbiology, physiology, law, gestalt therapy and drama. During 14 years I have been working as a part time politician on regional top level in the area of Uppsala-Stockholm. My experience from the political field is a very good complement in my work with management support.

I work with Gestalt therapy, coaching, staff counselling and recreation. On the side of that I also work with Zen meditation, Tai Chi and relaxation. I Was trained in Soto school Zazen and Yang stile Tai chi chuan by the french teacher Jacgues Dropsy in the years of 1975 to 1984.

Short CV

Sylwan, Per-Otto, University degrees in biology (physiology)1974, drama 1976 and law 1988, University of Uppsala, Sweden . University teacher 1971-74(physiology). Drama teacher 1976-79. Practising Gestalt therapy since 1981 (1979 as a supervised trainee.)

Orientation: Predominantly Gestalt mixed with body oriented techniques and NLP.

Gestalt training 1978-81, 1350 hours given by Stockholm Gestalt Center and an International Gestalt Training Community. Main teacher/trainer was Sidney Gershensson LCSW Lic no 2988 State of California. During these three years of training I worked 1611 hours as a gestalt therapist supervised by my trainers (1130 hours with groups and 431 hours with individuals). As a whole my Gestalt training during three years consisted of 2961hours (1350 theory and+1611 hours supervised practise)

Related training experience: Different Psychodynamically oriented theory seminars and supervision 1981-87, NLP 1981-82, Zen meditation (since 1975), Tai chi chuan (since 1975). Different relaxation- and body oriented techniques.

Current: Private practise in Uppsala mainly with individual adults. Related work as a counsellor and coach for Individuals and small groups of staff and people in a leading position. Seminars designed to the needs of my clients and customers. Active in a professional network of consultants.

Institutet för Kris och Gestaltterapi (IKG), Musikvägen 34, SE-756 50, Uppsala, Sweden, Phone: + 46-708 51 03 62. Homepage:


If you have questions about  me, our seminars and/or want infomation about training programs
or  programs for individual help and treatment please let me hear from you.

Telephonenumber to Samtalspartner Sweden: +46-18-51 03 62 or +46-708-55 85 33


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