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Pictures from the fishing summer in Iceland 2005!

Photo by Petter Mörk Stockholm Sweden


Below are some pictures from the summer 2005 in Iceland. Fishingpartners fishing group was rather successfull.


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    Photo, left picture by Petter Mörk Stockholm Sweden
We caught a lot of fish!
Our small group of fishermen caught approximately 22 fishes per person each day. The main fishing area was in "Fjallabak" just north east from mount Hekla. The average catch in the whole area 2005 is about 7 fishes per person and day. Most of the fishes in the picture were caught by fly. Due to heavy wind part of this day some were however taken using spinner as bait.

View over the lake Lödmundarvatn where most of the fishes were caught in 2005.


The char to the left was the next biggest caught this day. It weighed around five pounds and was taken on a small black and red "pup". To the right you can se the same fish on the grill just before the evening meal the same day.


Photo by Thordis Richardsdottir Uppsala Sweden
Happy fishermen back in Reykjavik.

Photo by Petter Mörk Stockholm Sweden
In some places there was a lot of old lava that you had to manage to get to the water


Photo by Thordis Richardsdottir Uppsala Sweden
Fishing in lake Kvislarvatn further up in the highland near the Sprengisandur area.

Photo by Thordis Richardsdottir Uppsala Sweden
Four wheel drive cars can in some places drive all the way down to the river/lake.

Photo by Thordis Richardsdottir Uppsala Sweden
The water at this location was rather muddy and you had to experiment and change between different kinds of bait.

View over the glacier "Hofsjökull" with the legendary mount "Arnarfell" to the right.

Evening meal at the "highlandcottage" in Versalir after a nice fishing day. We spent an enjoyable evening at Versalir mingling with some lokal farmers who were on an 8 day riding tour in the Sprengisandur area.

Some of the people in the riding group taught us and some others linedance later in the evening.



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