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Here we give You information about riding in Iceland.

Fishingpartner Sweden in Uppsala just north from Stockholm is a company working with people. Our focus is on personal development,relaxation and wellbeeing as well as alternative health care and preventive health care.

As a part of our work We offer riding in Iceland.

We offer riding tours on Iceland the whole year round. We provide arrangements for whole groups but we can also help singular people small groups and families to find other open groups or daily riding tours. There are a lot of possibilies for riding espcially on Iceland and we can mostly design everything according to your needs.

Dont hesitate to contact us.


You can reach us on telephone number: +46-18 55 85 33 eller +46-708-55 85 33 or via   e-mail


It is important to point out that Fishingpartner is not a travel agency. Travelling has to be booked separate from our offers. On request we can assist in booking and ordering tickets and we can of course help our customers to get in contact with good and reliable traveling agencies.


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Fishingpartner Sweden, Musikvägen 34, 756 50 Uppsala, Sweden
Tel:+46-18-51 03 62 or +46-708-55 85 33