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Varmá is a relatively small Icelandic river, running from the hot mountain springs above Hveragerdi about 50 km east from Reykjavik. It runs down to Ölfusá, the lowest part of the big river Hvitá just where Hvitá is empying itself in the atlantic ocean. Varmá is famous for harbouring a lot of big seatrout in the autumn and early spring. There are also a lot of arctic char in Varmá, especially in the early spring.
Only fly fishing is allowed and catch and release is an important rule to in order to keep a lot of big fish running up the river every year. It is however allowed to catch fish for eating and the fishermen in our groups can really enjoy this very tasty trout as much as they like. It is impossible not to catch fish in this river.

Fishing is usually extremely good from the end of August to beginning of Oktober and at that time the river is probably unrivaled on southern Iceland. In spite of the river being small the fish can reach the size of 8-9kg. Because of it´s relatively smallness the river is sensitive to rain and changes a lot which makes it extra interresting. It is a "readable" river and you learn fast where the fish is likely to catch. This however does not mean that it is not demanding. Sometimes you need to be very cautious and upstreem fishing might be needed in some places and at some water levels.

Our last group of 6 fishermen fished Varmá in the middle of september. Everybody was very content and impressed by as well the fishing as the good accomodation provided. Some said this was one of the best fishing weeks of their entire life.
We plan a similar fishing at about the same time each year in the future and You are wellcome to register for next years fishing as soon as possible.

Special offer! For experienced fishermen who wants to come as a group we offer fishing licenses and accomodation for the Varmá fishing to the price of only about 1.000 Euro). The conditions are that you manage without guiding and rent your own cars. The river is not hard to learn and you will get very thorough advice in good time before your fishing trip. For experienced fishermen this will make it a very interresting experience since the river is close to reykjavik and it is easy to manage things on your own. All service needed is close by in the small community of Hveragerdi. This offer is very well suited for a small group of friends and/or members in a fishing club. For a group taking this offer for next year there will be a good chance to come back every year in the future.

Important note! Our open group in september will probably be fully booked soon so don´t wait if you want to apply for next years fishing in Varmá.

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Fishingpartner has option for a lot of interresting waters on Iceland and we will often be in a position to help fishermen who want to design a trip of their own on Iceland.

  You can rech us on phone: 0046-18-51 03 62 or 0046-708-55 85 33 or via   e-mail

A fee of 25% should be payed at booking. This sum covers our costs and is non refundable. Booking rules are provided on request.  



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  You ca reach us on phone: 0046-18-51 03 62 eller 0046-708-55 85 33 or via   e-mail


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